Flying Saucers
Painting Pottery Café
8 Weymouth Street
BA12 9NR
01985 220 110

How it works

  • Choose a plate, bowl, mug, or even piggy bank, unicorn, fairy or dinosaur from our extensive range
  • Decide how you'll paint it. We have books for inspiration if you're stuck
  • Sit & paint using our brushes or sponge stamps - our staff will help with advice
  • Have a drink & a snack whilst you create


When you've finished leave it with us for (lead-free) glazing and firing

  • Your masterpiece will ready to collect as of a week after painting (if you have specific requirements please discuss in advance)
  • We can also arrange to post your pottery to you if you are unable to collect it in person.

 Glazing a piece...

and loading the kiln........